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The Internet Killed the Gaming Star

Written by Austin Griffith

This is killing me right now.

Microsoft has just announced it was making a massive 180 concerning it’s Xbox One DRM policies, obviously due to the loud minority of internet users complaining along with hard pressure from Sony. Along with that 180 comes a removal of a small percentage of Xbox One features, those features, though, were some of the most revolutionary.

The Xbox One was set to become not only a next-gen console, but a future proof next-gen console that would rival Valve’s Steam service. A future where putting your disc in the console once was the only time you had to do it, was just around the corner. Imagine being able to log in to any Xbox One console, anywhere in the world, and see your entire Xbox One games library there – immediately available to you. That’s all gone now.

Today, I have become the scorned, as Microsoft has taken away the features that I was looking forward to most. Being able to share your entire game library with up to ten different people, never needing to bring discs anywhere, being able to give a game bought digitally to someone, this was all the way of the future! These were things that would usher in a new era of gaming, where ‘The Cloud’ is our friend and developers see more profits from games. This was not only the future of the Xbox One, but the future of gaming, and now because of the loudest minority on the internet, all those features are gone.

Want to seamlessly switch between games like we saw at Microsoft’s E3 press conference? That means you’ll now have to buy all your games digitally – something which I’m now considering completely, given how amazing that feature was. This also means that if you want that feature, you’ll have to remove your rights to trade a game back in, as you won’t be given a physical disc.

While I doubt it, hopefully Microsoft will introduce some way to make your games in the shared library come back. We can only hope, because in my opinion, Sony has become the bane of the gaming industry and caused a massive step back in the way we treat games. If nothing happens, it may just be another ten years before we see these features materialize.

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Austin Griffith

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  • Are you retarded? They backpedalled because they were getting their asses handed to them in pre-orders. As in, the MAJORITY of HARDCORE GAMERS spoke with their wallets, and MS didn’t like the message.

    This wasn’t some “vocal minority,” this was the backbone of the goddamn gaming industry speaking out against Microsoft’s anti-consumer bullshit.

    This website needs better writers. Or maybe they just need to fire the bad ones (yes, I’m talking about YOU, Austin. I have to specify that because it’s obvious that observation/understanding aren’t your strong points).

  • OMG you MS fuckers are so funny. One minute you’re praising DRM by saying that developers need to be compensated for used games. Then next you’re all mad because you can’t buy one game and pass it along to your other ten “family” (friends” members. Hahahaha.

  • what features? M$ didn’t even know how to explain gamers how these worked anyway. Sharing games with family after 30 days in your friend’s list and then only one person could play it at a time? Was was so revolutionary and interesting about that useless garbage? Like seriously… Do your friends live so far away that you can’t just give them the disc? And if they were from another country then the Xbone was region locked you know.

  • Microsoft you just made my day!!! You da BOMB!!! PS4 you SUCK!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on my XBOXONE!!!!!

  • The cloud still exists even without the 24 hour check ins… why should a change in policy effect what the cloud can deliver???why would microsoft choose to remove the good as well as the bad?

  • MICROSOFT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Today you did something extremely rare. No shame in listening to your loyal customers. NOW I WILL VOTE WITH MY WALLET!!!! XBOXONE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!

  • No worries, Sony is coming to beat Xbone & the NSA with just one, BIG FAT, finger lickin’ good :

    • Could you imagine how great that would be? All of LevelSave could play and review a game, just with one person owning it.

  • what does the cloud have to do with DRM? do you even have any idea what cloud computing is?

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