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By Chris Lock, April 1, 2014 0 Editorials, Features

In spite of April tomfoolery, Activision steamed forward and stealth released a new DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The DLC, named Actual Ghosts, does not have a price but rather runic symbols that feel familiar despite being untranslatable…. Read More »

By Chris Lock, March 30, 2014 1 Editorials, Features

Before we begin let us get my personal bias out of the way. I loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, loathed Arkham City, and did not even bother to play Batman: Arkham Origins. With that in mind, Batman: Arkham Knight has me… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, March 25, 2014 0 Editorials, Features

There’s at least three DLC packs coming for Titanfall that we know of. They should be falling onto your platform (nope, shoot me) spring, summer and fall of this year. You can guarantee there will be maps as part of… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, March 18, 2014 2 Features, Guide

 You can check out the review here. Alright so you know there’s over 100 loadouts in LUFTRAUSERS. Some are freaking awesome, others are just quirky. I’m compiling the best ones I find below. Also, the best way to use each loadout… Read More »

By Barry Villatoro, March 16, 2014 0 Editorials, Features

Well, Titanfall has finally launched and largely without any problems. Some may wonder why it’s a big deal or worth writing about. They are partly right, but let me explain why I think it is a big deal. Also, to… Read More »

By Taryn Beach, March 10, 2014 0 Editorials, Features

The latest scientific theories regarding our reality hypothesize that we aren’t real at all. In fact, we are likely holographic projected representations of data stored on a flat disc. I’m not saying that this is true, it’s just a theory. … Read More »

By Chris Lock, March 8, 2014 8 Features

I summoned a phantom named SonFlower9. We strode into the Kiln of the First Flame, destroying Dark Souls’ toughest enemies with little effort. Before the gate of the final boss we both praised the sun and dove into Gywn’s domain…. Read More »

By James Redmond, March 4, 2014 0 Features

I remember watching my friend who introduced me to video gaming play the original Thief games, when I heard a new one would come out this year I could hardly wait. While my schedule has only permitted me the time… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, March 4, 2014 1 Features, Guide

South Park: The Stick of Truth is now available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC everywhere. While we’re sure you’ll be picking it up sometime soon, there are a few things you’re going to want to do before you… Read More »

By Raven Poplar, February 25, 2014 0 Features

Ico is one of those games which is remembered fondly as a precursor to greater things. This game reminds me of others in that regard, making me think of Dark Cloud from Level 5, Metroid on NES, or any of… Read More »