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By Austin Griffith, November 10, 2014 10 News

Elder Scrolls Online, Developer Bethesda and Publisher ZeniMax’s MMO treatment to the popular RPG series that has spanned generations, has never had a promising future. Originally releasing back in July of this year, it was critically panned for lackluster content… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 30, 2014 0 News

LevelSave is changing. Growing. Expanding. Now it’s time to do your part. Do you have an exceptional knowledge of the english language? Strong opinions? A love of the game? Are you a go-getting game player who loves to write? Then you’ve found… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 28, 2014 1 News

Insomniac Games’ amazing open world shooter foray in to the Xbox One is now available both physically and digitally across the united states. Have you picked up your copy yet? Still on the fence? Never fear, we’re hard at work… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 25, 2014 1 News

Gamers! I’ll be playing a variety of games (Rayman Legends, Catherine, Thief, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Alien Isolation, Destiny, Titanfall, and Murdered Soul Suspect) for the next 20 hours in support of Extra… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 21, 2014 0 News

Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon’s indie-action-adventure-horror game that was released, surprisingly, to much herald earlier this year is back for more. After the sad closure of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza chain, it appears the company is back. With a new… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 9, 2014 0 NYCC 2014, Previews

Tripwire Interactive has showed the first of its upcoming sequel, Killing Floor 2, at New York Comic Con this weekend. The game features a slew of new improvements over the original, including some impressive new features. A member of the… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, October 9, 2014 0 News

Hello, world! I know, I know, as far as you could tell we had shut the lights off on the old save state known as LevelSave. Alas, we’re still here. You see, Barry has a kid on the way, I’m… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, September 5, 2014 1 News

Bungie’s amping up it’s marketing for the upcoming blockbuster super mega amazingness of a game Destiny, and, in case you haven’t realized, the game is landing on store shelves September 9th. That’s this Tuesday. Anyway, there’s no point in me trying… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, August 21, 2014 90 News

PLEASE NOTE: This post is being periodically and sporadically updated as new information comes to light. As such, you may experience some irregularities.  Update: Phil Fish’s personal twitter has now been deleted, by him. Phil Fish, every gamers favorite person to… Read More »

By Austin Griffith, July 26, 2014 54 News

*Everything is now back to normal* Update: Xbox Live’s Core Services are now down too. Users may experience problems signing in to Xbox Live on all devices. Bungie today opened up Earth’s Moon to players for a limited two hour… Read More »