Checkpoint 2/24: Out Of Sync

Written by James T. George

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February 24, 2017

If you move your hands together, you can harness the power of electromagnetism!


  • I am really enjoying my time with Halo Wars 2, and I’m bouncing between the PC and Xbox One versions seamlessly. Not sure which control scheme I like best. Both have advantages.
  • Halo Wars 2 has completely sold me on Microsoft’s Play Anywhere Initiative. Synced saves and preferences are awesome, and I’ve seen no issues with picking up where I leave off when i switch.
  • I plan on playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta this weekend. Wanna play? I’ll be on Xbox One and I’d love to get a group together.
  • I didn’t know I was itching for another Ghost Recon game until I booted up the beta last night. I’m itching for another Splinter Cell too. Come on, Ubisoft!
  • Many outlets have started to receive their Nintendo Switches for early impressions and (eventual) reviews. We aren’t one of those outlets.
  • There have been an alarming number of reports of the left Joycon de-syncing (or having crazy input delays and inconsistencies) when in wireless mode.
  • When connected to the tablet itself it seems fine, but if you want to play on your TV, you may be in trouble.
  • GameXplain tried to figure out was going on, and discovered that your body can interfere with the signal. I guess our bodies aren’t ready for the Switch.
  • There’s going to be a large day one update for the unit, enabling most of the other online functionality, like account management and store access.
  • I hope you don’t want to play Virtual Console games yet.

Bonus Level:

I’ve seen more complaints this week about the Nintendo Switch than at any point since it was first revealed, but this week it’s almost entirely from people who actually have tried it. Some of these gripes are legit, like the controller sync issue. I’ve even seen some outlets insist that a pro-controller is necessary if you want to play Zelda because the Joycons are causing interruptions in-game play. This is not good. The pro-controller may be a better input device, but if you can’t use the controller that ships with the unit, there are way more issues afoot. I really hope they can patch this problem away as soon as humanly possible.

Another gripe I see is users complaining about the day one update. I’m going to defend Nintendo on this a bit, because I think in 2017 we should be aware that software development never stops and that the units need to be packaged well in advance of the street date release. The time between those boxes get sealed and you opening it is still really valuable time for the programmers at Nintendo to finalize, error-check, and improve the software before you get to use it. Day one patches are on every platform, and even apply to games themselves. Complaining that your unit needs to be updated the first time you turn it on is silly and entitled. Give Nintendo a break on this one, ok?

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