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[Update: Nope] Is Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix Named After A Christian Apologist From 200AD?

Marcus Felix Fenix
Written by Austin Griffith

Update: I’m wrong.
Well, coincidences are fun!
That was fun.
Cliff Bleszinski replied to our tweet with a fairly concrete denial.

[i]Original story below…[/i]

I spent most of my day today reading about the Seven Great Wonders of the World. Of course, you can’t browse Wikiepedia without visiting half of the pages that branch off your article. Mythology, myths, laws, and other things I wanted to know more of.. because of Civilization VI. I eventually stumbled on to the page of “one of the earliest of the Latin apologists for Christianity.” I thought I recognized a name a little too much for it to be a coincidence.

marcus felixHe was a man named Marcus Mincius Felix.

There’s pretty much nothing relating to this guy anywhere in known history. Wikipedia tells us “Nothing is known of his personal history.” He produced his Octavious, some sort of dialogue on religion for educated non-christians, which is his primary relevancy. I’ve glanced over a few wiki pages related to Octavious and can’t find any sort of obvious ‘connection’ to Gears of War. I’m a fairly invested player of the lore in the original trilogy, especially the characters themselves, so I trust that there’s not much to find.

Marcus Felix

Funnily enough, Googling ‘Marcus Felix’ suggests that you’ve actually misspelled Marcus Fenix, suggesting the Marcus Michael Felix Gearsipedia article first, above Marcus Minucius Felix’s Wikipedia.

Was this actually the inspiration for Marcus Fenix? In my personal opinion, the sheer coincidence of this seems to high for it not to be, in some way, the inspiration. I’ve done what I can to reach out to Cliff Bleszinski and get a response. It’s also 1:00a.m. on a Tuesday, so I’ll update this story on the response status when I wake up.


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