Cliffy B Speaks Out on Xbox One DRM Retract

Written by Barry Villatoro

With all of the news circulating about the retract of DRM from the Xbox One. Cliffy B has added his thoughts, as he usually does. He warns gamers that while they hated DRM, many of the evils DRM was trying to keep away will come back and with force.

He also added that seeing a number of unique gamer tags that have played your game, compared with sales numbers aren’t good.

Lastly he added exactly where he stands on this DRM debate.

We’ll see how his predictions turn out. But with that being said, what do you think is the lesser of the evils? DRM or microtransactions and tacked on multiplayer?

“Oh hey, online passes! Long time no see.”

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  • I’m sorry you’re not making enough money CliffyB, want to trade bank accounts? Reality check.

  • i hate cliffy b he is a prick and a douche. But he was a dev and understands more than we,as consumers, understand how the business side works out. I have decided that im not going to buy any used copy of a game unless it is atleast a year old. I want to help the devs make there money

  • Are we saying here that Steam games don’t have tacked-on multiplayer, DLC, online passes, and microtransactions?

    Are we also saying that the general public, who has decided to go with PS4 since they don’t have it out for their own consumers, ideas that cloud gaming means cracking down on user happiness, and are actively trying to bankrupt themselves, are going to be buying tons of used Xbox games for the system they would have owned otherwise now that the privilege to do so has been given back to them?

    Are we also saying that people wouldn’t have been pirating exclusive Xbox One games because their DRM is uncrackable and infallible?

    Please, it would take an army of Mavericks to take down the scheming, anti-Xbox, dangerous to our rightly-founded and glorious Gaming Industry and All That It Stands For mega-noMS gamers (read: anyone with an internet connection.) But then, there are always more Dr. Lights to stand in your way, Microsoft!

  • Cliffy B is a game dev, also a game dev that buys million dollar italian cars. He does NOT represent the average gamer/consumer.
    Plus the man is the nerd version of a douchebag (I didn’t knew we had those)

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