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Watch This Wednesday: Be the Very Best in Pokemon X and Y

Written by Chris Lock

So you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Well tough, because everyone is better at Pokemon X and Y than you. Their team is stronger, faster, and flat out cooler than yours. Want to know why? Because they EV train, IV breed, and catch those sweet sweet shinies. So how do you get shiny super Pokemon? Well, the methods are pretty simple, if just a bit time consuming. The best video guides I have found, that are also directly concerning X and Y are by PhoenixMaster1. These videos will go over everything you need to know about creating the most powerful (and colorful) Pokemon you possibly can. So instead of scaring you off with crazy numbers and spreadsheets, let us first learn how to get a shiny Pokemon.

Seems pretty simple, right? Getting a shiny Pokemon is only half the battle though. The next step is properly breeding you Pokemon to ensure they have the strongest genetics they possibly can. And you thought Pokemon was just a silly kids game.

Breeding for proper IVs can sometimes take just as long as breeding for a shiny Pokemon. It would behoove you to try and mix the two processes together, unless you like being terrible at Pokemon. You do not like being the very worst, like no one ever was, do you? That is what I thought.

The final video takes the least amount of time to complete but can be the most complex. Improperly allocating your EVs will force you into using a Reset Bag and training your Pokemon from scratch. Do not worry, that does not mean you will lose your IVs, just the time spent on EV training. Thankfully EV training is the least time consuming process of creating a team as it can usually be completed within an hour or two.

So with those videos logged in your memory, you should now be able to create an amazing team of Pokemon. Keep in mind that not all Pokemon are created equally, some are just bad. So even thought you have an amazingly trained team of shiny Magikarps, they can still only use Splash.

Something that the videos did not cover was EV Training through Super Training. Super training is a way to train your Pokemon without actually forcing them into the ring. This process is pretty simple and Seribii.com really has the best written guide.

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