Tiny Tower Hits 10 Million Downloads

Written by Nick Deuel

Apple’s iPhone game of the year has reached a major mile stone. Developer Nimblebit stated that the hit game has reached 10 million downloads. To celebrate the occasion 10 million “tower bux” (one of the games forms of currency) will be given out to users. Availbe for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad Tiny Tower is a farming type of game where users operate a residential tower featuring various retail and service options for its residents. Users keep items in stock and constantly upgrade their tower by building new floors. Currently the game features over 1 million monthly active users.

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Nick Deuel

Nick has been a gaming enthusiast ever since he received a SNES for Christmas in 1993. Eventually upgrading up to a N64 and even a GameCube, he jumped ship to a Xbox in 2004. He enjoys games of all shapes, sizes and genres. You can find him on twitter @knot2appetizing and on Xbox Live as knot2appetizn

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