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Paper Mario is Back: Paper Mario Sticker Star Coming to 3DS

Written by Austin Griffith

Back when I was a child, I have some very fond memories of favorite games. There were great games like Banjo-Tooie, Ocarina of Time, and best of all: Paper Mario. While my love for Nintendo has often fleeted, Paper Mario always brings it back.

And now, at Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference, Nintendo unveiled the newest addition to Paper Mario: Paper Mario Sticker Star.

In Paper Mario Sticker Star, Paper Mario uses all his familiar abilities with a twist – they’re all now stickers that he has to pick up – and it looks brilliant. Never in a thousand years could I picture myself walking down the street using a Nintendo 3DS, but that’s quickly changing. With a new Paper Mario coming I have no choice but to go buy a 3DS as soon as possible*.

*Ha! I’m broke. No 3DS for me for quite awhile.

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