The Wonderful 101 – Demo Impressions

Written by Matt Curione

On August 9th a Nintendo Direct for Platinum Games’ upcoming “Pikmin with Superheroes” game, The Wonderful 101, was shown. As an added surprise, Nintendo decided to release an action packed demo for the game via their eShop service, and what a surprise it was.


In The Wonderful 101, you control a group of superheroes who combine themselves into giant weapons such as a fist, sword or gun in order to wreck house on evil robots intent on destroying earth. The demo gives a small taste of the weird, Anime inspired world that the final game will represent. Characters seem to be pure “characters” displayed with a Silver-Age comic book vibe; with secret identities like a school teacher, cop and student.


The gameplay is absolutely insane and can get pretty hectic at times. You’re constantly recruiting citizens to join your brigade in order to make your weapons more powerful; the more heroes in your group the bigger your sword or more powerful your gun becomes. Even in this short demo you’ll face some huge robots and overcome some precarious situations and it never got boring.

Having previously only had a passing interest in the game, I was blown away by how much pure awesome was on display in this short demo. With any luck, the craziness will last throughout the entire game once it’s released on September 15th here in the States.

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  • Played it too. Pre ordered straight away. Some reviewers have had problems drawing more complex shapes in the full version. I’m hoping they’re just retarded in the fingers and it’s not that the game’s broken. Oh well I’ll find out soon enough!

    • I didn’t have any problems drawing the shapes on the GamePad but I ended up just using the analog sticks anyways. I pre-ordered mine as well, looks to be a blast.

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