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So You’ve Got a PS Vita? Here’s 7 Games You Must Own

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Written by Barry Villatoro

Maybe you were lucky enough to pick up a Vita for Christmas or maybe you picked one up with gift cards. Maybe you went and got a job or sold lemonade on street corners. Regardless, now you have this handheld and you think, “What games should I buy?” Well Chris Lock, Adam Shear and myself have decided to put together a list of games you must own for the Vita. Games that are totally worth every penny. Lets get to it, these are the games that you must own on your PS Vita.

sound-shapes-logoSound Shapes – You can read Adam’s review of it here. After Adam made sure it was going to be on this list, its now on my list of games to play. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Sound Shapes and as Adam Shear said, “The game is also one of the best games available on all current PlayStation platforms.”


Tales From Space Mutant Blobs AttackTales From Space : Mutant Blobs Attack – We did not review Tales From Space : Mutant Blobs Attack, but I can be sure to tell you that it’s great. Mutant Blobs Attack and another Vita game coing up, were two of my favorite games from last year. Between the excellent level design, platforming and the use of Vita’s touch controls, Mutant Blobs is a great package.


Super Stardust DeltaSuper Stardust Delta – Super Stardust Delta is one hell of a twin-stick shooter. It’s not too big, not too small, just the right size. It may not take you long to go through SSD, but seeing your friends beat your score will keep you coming back. This game is a mix of using the right weapons and abilities at just the right times to not only keep yourself alive, but keep that awesome multiplier going.


Lumines Electotronic SymphonyLumines Electronic Symphony – Lumines is a block-puzzle game with great visuals and one hell of a killer soundtrack. Unlock new songs as you, then create your own playlists. I’ve spent almost an hour playing through one playlist I’ve created. Adam Shear and I both enjoy Lumines : Electronic Symphony very much, but Chris, not so much.


Gravity Rush KatGravity Rush – This is the other game I mentioned earlier that was one of my overall favorites of last year. Gravity Rush introduces a new mechanic I haven’t seen before, the ability to alter your center of gravity. This is your main means of attacking and traveling in Gravity Rush. You wake up as Kat and she has no idea who she is or where she is. From there on you explore the world and fight the evil that corrupts it. This is a must play and DEAR LORD GIVE ME A SEQUEL, sincerely, Barry.


The next two games I unfortunately have not had the chance to play yet. One of them Adam and Chris both said had to be on this list. The other is a game I’m fascinated by after hearing some of the different mechanics and almost mundane tasks of the game. With that, I’ll let Chris tell you about these two games.


LittleBigPlanet Vita SackboyLittle Big Plant Vita – Little Big Planet Vita is the most advanced evolution on the LBP formula to date. Not only do the new control schemes lend themselves to all new worlds of gameplay; the logic systems and tools within can create super powerful RPGs or simple cow throwing simulators. Plus the main campaign is full of interesting levels that push the boundary of what LBP can be. Still not convinced? How about over 100,000 community created levels that push that boundary even further.


persona_4_the_golden_Persona 4 Golden – Persona 4 is what happens if you mix a dating simulator with an RPG. No, come back! It is a very good thing actually. The characters and story are written so well that when they say they love you, you might just love them back. The rabid fan base for this game is excessively justified. When you look past the story and characters though you will find a JRPG that is well grounded in the best parts of that J. Persona 4 is a near perfect blend of character, gameplay, story, and charm that makes irresistible to anyone who even slightly cares for RPGs. Oh, and bear puns, lots and lots of bear puns

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