[Update: New Information] [Leak] Destiny DLC “The Taken King” Rumored to Release September 15th, Feature New Subclasses

Written by Austin Griffith

Update (new information bolded): Kotaku has shared new info on The Taken King, grabbed form a marketing sheet sent to them by a tipster. They confirm that The Taken King will be released September 15th, with a price of $40, their will be a new raid in which Guardians fight Oryx, Father of Crota,new enemy race called “The Fallen” (more on this later), a slew of new strikes and PVP maps, as well as some new information on what the three new subclasses will hold: the Void Hunter will be the Gravity Bow, the Arc Warlock will be an Electrical Storm, and the Solar Titan will be a Flaming Hammer.

We’ve discussed our favorite theory about who The Taken are here.

Over on the Destiny subreddit, a user from PlanetDestiny, /u/AgentNine, has shared some interesting information. Allegedly coming from a source with information on the matter, AgentNine claims in his now deleted thread that Destiny’s rumored next expansion, The Taken King, will be releasing to fans on September 15th of this year. The E3 trailer that will show us all this is said to include three new subclasses, a Void Hunter, a Solar Titan, and an Arc Warlock.

The Taken King

The Taken King

While nothing has been explicitly confirmed, AgentNine has shared the information with the moderators of the subreddit who stated that everything looks legitimate.

PlanetDestiny had also tweeted their alleged findings, but those tweets have since been deleted. AgentNine confirmed to us that the information was removed “at request”. It’s also worth noting that while the thread originally began with “Hey guys, PD [PlanetDestiny] here,” it was later edited to “Hey guys,” removing the connection to the website. The moderators of the subreddit confirmed to LevelSave that the information did in fact come from PlanetDestiny.

AgentNine has also stated that he has much more to share, but his source isn’t allowing it.

AgentNine and them moderators have denied sharing the information with us. We trust the moderators of the subreddit and have decided to share the information.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on The Taken King, and you’ll be hearing about it first at LevelSave.com

You can view the original thread here.

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The Taken King

The Taken King

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