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Destiny’s The Taken King: Who are “The Taken”?

Written by Austin Griffith

With the new information that’s just come out today regarding Destiny’s The Taken King expansion we’ll be seeing later on, fans have been doing some theory-crafting. One of the more promising theories comes by way of Reddit user /u/BluntTruths.

Jumping in to it, we first must take a look at an old piece of prerelease concept art for Destiny from way back when.


In the picture above, we see a lone Guardian looking over at what appears to be a group of Fallen and Cabal soldiers working together – something never seen in the game. You’ll also notice a slimy, almost hive-like  green color in, on, and around the Fallen and Cabal soldiers. This theory reckons that Oryx has the power to control – whether via mind control or other means – Fallen and Cabal soldiers.

The Vex as we know are not a physical being (their bodies are simply vessels for which they use to travel in a liquid form) so Oryx would presumably be unable to control them.

We also have small bits of information from the games Grimoire card for Eris, in which she’s attempting to convince the Queen to set her sights on stopping Oryx. Given the relationship between The Queen and The Fallen, it would make sense for her to target him.

While definitely far fetched, this theory sounds pretty solid to me. Given the extreme lack of attention The Cabal have been given thus far in to the game, giving them a solid piece of story would be nice for once.

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  • The new trailer came out from bungie and the things are that you try to save the cabal but then you loose and Oryx corrupts them with hive power and controls them.

  • As much as I want it to be more Cabal focused, I think it will just be about Oryx and have just the different enemy types in it kind of like how POE has the different factions.

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