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Hotline Border
Written by Chris Lock

*ring ring* Hello, this is your editor. You have made several spelling mistakes on your latest submission. I am going to be out of the office but I left your paper on my desk. Please come by and pick it up. Don’t forget about the giveaway either. We have one copy to giveaway and I don’t want just anybody getting their hands on it. *click*

That’s right folks, we have one copy of Hotline Miami to giveaway. One of our newest members, Matt Curione, got a chance to review the PSN version and loved it. I myself recently finished the PC version and am quite enamored with it. The game is a mix of uneasy violence and wonderfully tuned gameplay; something you need to have at least tried. So this is perfect, because we have one copy to give away to a lucky reader! Just enter via the Rafflecopter box below to get in on the Hotline Miami Giveaway.

[toggle title=”Obligatory Jargon”] This giveaway is for a single download code for “Hotline Miami” on the “Playstation Network”. This code is single use and requires an Internet connection to be redeemed on the system. Winners will be selected randomly using Rafflecopter’s system and contact by a LevelSave Representitive via email or Twitter Direct Message within 48 hours of the contests closing. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a secondary winner will be selected and the original winner will forfeit their winning entry. The code is valid only in North American Regions and may not work in other territories.[/toggle]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Chris Lock

Just a guy that loves games and wants so badly to tell you about them. I have a habit of being a terrible person. Prone to talk about the worst games imaginable. Poke-fan. LBP admirer. RPG lover. Writer. Podcaster. Father. Husband. Student. Tired. @Snickelsox on twitter.

  • de fuego

    im the contest winner :) hehe. can’t thank y’all enough for the EPIC WIN!

  • Caitlin

    A wolf mask, it probably wouldn’t do much but make me look cool.

  • fangyuan


  • Tommy

    Monkey mask so I could jump off walls and fling poo at people.

  • iANiMeX

    Chameleon mask. Power to camuflage.

  • ericstarker

    I’d go with a squirrel mask to get my job done faster.

  • Justice

    A honey badger mask. I would tear people up.

  • A golden chocobo mask.I would be able to run into or past people like a boss!

  • Lundy

    Dragon mask. Breathing fire and tail attack.

  • Gram

    An elephant mask. I could stomp on people.

  • zero110100

    tasmanian devil mask.It’s power would be rage increase. endurance and one hit kills with every weapon.

  • An alpaca mask. Why? Well, to frighten anyone I run into, that’s why! ;)

  • mowmow

    cat mask because cat’s rule the internet and who hates cats

  • Lucky

    I think I’d wear a Panda mask and it would just make me cute so no one would dare attack me.

  • Antarael Dulacre

    A Shark Mask, makes the skin hard as steel and teeth sharp as knives =D

  • Justin

    I’d wear a butterfly mask that’d let me see the ultraviolet signatures of people around corners and through walls.

  • tokyostomp

    I’d wear a cat mask, covered in blood, it’ll allow me to move silently!

  • tokyostomp

    This game looks amazing, Heard nothing but good things. Let me win it!

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