Giveaway: Dishonored – The Knife of Dunwall

Written by Chris Lock

Hello again! How about another giveaway this week as well, since our last one went so well. We may just make this a weekly thing, and by “may” I mean this will be a weekly thing. So if you are interested in some free games and DLC, just stop by little ol’ LevelSave and see what we have going on. This week we have a code for The Knife of Dunwall for you to win. Austin reviewed it and had some great fun. So just hit the Rafflecopter below and have fun!

This giveaway is for a single download code for the “Knife of Dunwall” Downloadable Content for “Dishonored” on “Xbox 360”. This code is single use and requires an Internet connection to be redeemed on the system. Winners will be selected randomly using Rafflecopter’s syetem and contact by a LevelSave Representitive via email or Twitter Direct Message within 48 hours of the contests closing. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, a secondary winner will be selected and the original winner will forfeit their winning entry. The code is valid only in North American Regions and may not work in other territories.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  • JD

    I would use it to beat

    Usain Bolt in a foot race.

  • I would use it to be the greatest pro snowboarder there ever was in human history!

  • eugaet

    I’d likely use blink to sneak up on the cat.

  • David Brown

    to visit famous people

  • to make shortcuts in life

  • I would visit some of my FB/Twitter/gamer friends in real.

  • zero110100

    I would go to Vegas.

  • Thanks for the contest, I would use Blink to quickly get around, especially if there’s no cooldown :)

  • I would use it to get in line before people at the grocery store who are loaded with 2 carts full and get to places that are a pain in the butt in real life. No more ladders! Thanks for the chance. @MrNerveDamage

  • Sweet! Heard good things about this DLC! Good luck peeps.

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