Sign Up for the Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta is Now Open

Signup is now available for the next beta version of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Dashboard software, Major Nelson announced today.

The beta dashboard will presumably offer users new features, as well as the confirmed switch over to local currency, doing away with your regular Microsoft points and converting them in to dollars. Sign up, which normally happens via Microsoft Connect, is now being done through a tile on the home screen of the Xbox Dashboard. While it’s not showing up for any of us here at LevelSave yet, it should be popping up pretty soon.

Users signing up for the beta will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and speaking of anything in the beta can result in console bans, gamertag bans, and possibly legal actions taken against them.

Hopefully some other tidbits will pop up in the beta, we’ll have to see.

[Major Nelson]