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Best Loadouts in LUFTRAUSERS

Written by Barry Villatoro

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Alright so you know there’s over 100 loadouts in LUFTRAUSERS. Some are freaking awesome, others are just quirky. I’m compiling the best ones I find below. Also, the best way to use each loadout listed below. So let’s get to it.

Tuberauser – The Tuberauser is my old faithful. You can assemble the Tuberauser fairly early on. You’ll need the Laser, Armor for your body and the Superboost for your engine. The Tube is one of my favorites for its ability to get out of a sticky situation, take a punch and just annihilate everything with the laser. I tend to pull ahead of the fighters after me, turn 180 and shred them. It’s a formidable loadout when it’s comes to battleships and the dreaded airship as well.

Nightmare – The Nightmare will take a bit more skill to master. The Laser, Melee body and Underwater engine make this fighter. The Melee body leaves it susceptible to taking more damage, but that is made up for the fact that you can just smash into anything. You’ll find yourself diving for the water just to escape enemy fire in LUFTRAUSERS. Well now you can take advantage of that fact. Dive into battleships and subs, laser blazing, only to reemerge unscathed. Do it enough and you’ll sink a battle ship no problem.

Gearhead – Not the most accurate, but you can become a ball of death, firing in every direction. Use the Spread, Armor body and GunGine. I try to keep myself near the center and turn and blast. Keep every approach vector on you cover and you should last long. The biggest problem for the Gearhead is the Airship.

The Spook – With The Spook I just decimated anything in the air. Missiles, Armor body and GunGine for The Spook. Once you get the hang of the missiles you dominate the air. Fighters will just be exploding in all directions. The battleships and subs though, ooph, they’re rough with The Spook. I can’t seem to get in and out fast enough.

Billy 40 – I’ve done the best with Billy 40. Billy 40 is the same setup as the Tuberauser except you trade the Superboost for the Hover engine. Dodging enemy fire is a lot easier than you think with the Hover engine. You’ll float passed bullets and be moving to slow for the enemy to lead you gunfire. Floating over battleships and even under the Airship is manageable. Make sure you tend to move horizontal more than vertical. Moving more vertical leaves you open to battleship and airship fire. As long as you move horizontal, you should have no problem.

Widowmaker – This may be the most devastating loadout that I’ve found. Cannon, Bomb body and GunGine. The cannon is brutal, destroying even Ace pilots with a single shot. The bombs dropping and destroying ships you weren’t even aiming for and the GunGine lighting up everything behind you. The only problem with this loadout is its speed. The GunGine won’t propel you out of a hail of gunfire. You’ll need to make sure you use the cannon to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Orbital Rauser – I was able to get my highest score so far from this loadout. Laser, Bomb body and Hover engine. I was able to fly low enough to take out ships with my bombs and just high enough not to be obliterated by a barrage from a battleship. Not to mention a number of times I took out ace pilots with a bomb on accident. Just head in one direction, turn 180 a take out every jet on your tail as you float almost endlessly.

Houseboat – This is not one I have beaten my high score with, yet. But it kind of feels like breaking Luftrausers with this one. Bomb body, Hover engine and Spread gun. The spread gun fires the same projectiles as the GunGine and since you have the hover engine, you can use your weapon as your engine. Don’t use thrust on your rauser, just keep firing to continue moving. You decimate countless jets that aren’t even on screen. This loadout is highly effective, it’s only downfall is that it may be too effective. You destroy so many enemies that while waiting for more to spawn, you may lose your multiplyer. But it seriously fun to fly endlessly using your weapon as your propulsion.

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  • Try the Stormrauser. Laser, bomber body, and superjet. The bombs work great for extending your multiplier and make killing battleships and subs that much easier. It’s more fragile than the Tuberauser, but fast enough to outrun most things. Got around 46k with this build.

    • Not sure if I’ve checked that one out. I’ll do so this weekend. And great job on that score!

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