New Alien: Isolation Trailer Goes Behind The Scenes

Written by Matt Curione

A brand new trailer for Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival horror game, Alien: Isolation, gives a peek behind the scenes of this potentially terrifying experience. From the look of the new clip, this team really seems to understand what makes a solo Xenomorph so formidable. Much like in Ridley Scott’s classic film, you’ll be trapped with the titular creature in an enclosed environment with dwindling resources at hand.

With encounters lasting up to 30 minutes, Alien: Isolation looks to be a brutally intense game that looks to capture what made the 1979 film so great. Commendation should be given to Creative Assembly for not going the easy route with their marketing campaign by showing a vertical slice of gameplay and instead being honest. Clearly they don’t want to suffer the same backlash Gearbox suffered last year with Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was a massive disappointment upon arrival. Well, enough of my rambling, check out the trailer below.

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  • Ugh, stop! I want to stay cautiously optimistic, but I’m getting more and more excited for it. This just sounds great. The alien doesn’t have a set AI, it reacts to the player, awesome.

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