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Xi3 To Reveal More About The PISTON Console At GDC

Written by James Pope

xi3-piston-GDCXi3 has announced that they will be revealing more details about their impressive PISTON Console after day one of GDC. Xi3 is looking to revolutionize the PC and console gaming worlds with this new product by giving gamers an insanely powerful product that is both efficient and portable. As you can see in the pictures featured here this is a tiny piece of hardware that stands no taller than a can of soda. What it lacks in size however, it more than makes up for in performance. Currently gamers and non-gamers alike can pre-order the console starting at $999.00 with two higher prices models available on the website as well.

Each of the consoles features a 3.2 GHz AMD Trinity Processor, Radeon 7000-Series GPU and 8GB of DDR3 Gaming RAM. The standard model will have an internal 128 GB Solid State Drive, for $340.00 more this can be upgraded to 256 GB and for $750.00 more can be further upgraded to 512 GB.

More features that have already been announced include:

  • 384 Graphics Shader Cores
  • Triple Monitor Support
  • Operates on 40-50 Watts
  • Internal and External Heat Sinks
  • Custom Chassis Colors & Logo Laser Etching

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  • If I’m seeing this correctly, it’s a console that you can upgrade over time? If it is then this is something people have wanted for awhile. Wonder what other news will coem out of GDC. Is it the new E3? Less commercial and more of the news we want. E3 has turned into just a big press release.

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