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Primal Carnage: Genesis Is Coming To PS4

Written by James Pope

Genesis1The Playstation Blog has just announced the next title that will be in the PS4 lineup and this one is going to be big, literally. Showing off the amazing visual ability of the PS4, Primal Carnage: Genesis will be developed using Unreal Engine 4, and will also be delivered in the new but exciting episodic method. The developers believe that this will give them the opportunity to deliver more of what fans want and less of what they don’t from episode to episode. The game will be a mixture of linear gameplay and open-world exploration from the first person human perspective. Mixing the two gameplay styles could very well present a difficult challenge to the developers. It isn’t often that a game jumps back and forth between separate gameplay elements successfully, but with the episodic nature of this title it may very well allow the team to deliver content in an ever-changing way that can keep players engaged.

Ashton Andersen, Founder & Game Director for Lukewarm Media included this in his blog post.

Ultimately, the episodic method ended up being the clear victor due to the versatile nature of creating a story episode by episode. It allows us a lot of wiggle room, because one unique advantage of the episodic model is the ability for player feedback from the first episode to affect the development of the following episodes. Do players want to see more of a certain mechanic? Maybe people didn’t like playing a certain segment of the game, thus steering our focus elsewhere.

Dinosaurs that are already confirmed for appearance in Primal Carnage: Genesis include: Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor and the Dilophosaurus. I am certain that a full cast of prehistoric beasts will be added before all is said and done. Look for more details as the become available.


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