Kingdom Hearts HD PAX trailer Reveals No 358/2 Gameplay

Written by Chris Lock

The new “Pax East” trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix shows off many things that, even if your KH knowledge is remote, should seem quite familiar. Recognizable characters and scenes all look great in their HD skins, but something is wrong, very wrong.

When the collection was first announced I was under the impression that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days would be included on the disc. I am sad to report that I was mistaken. Instead 358/2 Days will only be featured as HD versions of the cutscenes in the game. This is fine if you are just after the story, but 358/2 was more than a perfectly suitable Kingdom Heats game. I am a little miffed that its content has been culled down to just a few story beats as there were so many great, main story battles within it.

If you really want to get the full experience, 358/2 is available for around 20$ now. As a fan I would suggest you play it. If all you are interested in are cutscenes, then just hit Youtube instead. I am still very excited about Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, but it has gone from an unadulterated fervor to a simmering hunger without the 358/2 content.

Do you plan on getting the collection? Have you played 358/2 days? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Kingdom Hearts HD PAX trailer Reveales No 358/2 Gameplay

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