Breaking: Xbox Live is Down, Don’t Worry (Update: It’s Back)

Written by Austin Griffith

Update: Xbox Live is now back up and running for myself and most users. If you have any problems, try restarting your console. That was quick! [Thanks, pharmassist!]

Xbox Live has just gone down for most users. According to Microsoft’s Xbox Status page users “may experience trouble accessing Xbox Live” and multiple people on twitter have reported the same to me. I myself just quit a game of Sleeping Dogs and found myself having problems accessing my cloud storage save game for it.

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

  • Signing into Xbox LIVE from an Xbox console
  • Viewing backgrounds, channels, or slots from Xbox LIVE in the Xbox Dashboard

Affecting the following LIVE Platforms:

  • Xbox 360 Console

11/16/2012 9:58:07 PM PST:

Our engineers are currently working on an issue that is affecting members’ ability to navigate the Dashboard or login to the Service. Thank you for your patience as they find and implement a fix! We’ll continue to update this message every 30 minutes as the work is conducted.

Hopefully none of you planned on playing any Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or Halo 4 tonight.

Nonetheless, don’t worry everyone, Xbox Live should be back up within an hour; in the meantime, take a shower or something.

 Update: Alright guys, it’s been a good 20 minutes without Xbox Live and I’m kind of losing it. I’m going to curl up into a fetal position and try to do whatever it is people do when they’re not playing Xbox (whatever that is). I’ll update back if I make it through to the morning, or if Xbox Live goes back up.


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  • Zelda is a Nintendo mascot him being the picture for this article doesn’t make sense also nice stealth change taking out the Playstation comment the other person pointed out.

    • Yes, the Link picture was a joke about Link being sad like I am. It is now changed. The Playstation joke has since been removed, because, well, it isn’t as funny as I thought it was.

      • The real funny thing is right now Playstation gamers are playing COD online and you’re curled up crying.

        • ive heard the ps3 version of black ops 2 is suffering from several major glitches, freezes, and connectivity errors as well. i’ve even seen some ps3 users complain about the game bricking their ps3s. nothing major like that happening on xbox 360 version.

          and I’m on xbox live right now, xbox live is back up. if you’re having a hard time connecting, press the home button and connect to xbox live via that. solved my problems.

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