Sleeping Dogs Not Sleeping On New Content

Written by James Pope

Sleeping Dogs is releasing content to players that was previously only available to those who had select pre-orders. Now all gamers will have access to the multiple packs and skins that other have been raving about. In addition to being able to dress their character like the infamous Agent 47 or outfit them with the Sarif Industries armor made famous by Deus Ex players will have multiple packs to choose from including:

Dragon Master Pack
Featuring five pre-order packs in one, the huge Dragon Master Pack is the ultimate collection of killer content for Sleeping Dogs. Each of the below packs are included, also available to purchase separately:





Triad Enforcer Pack
It’s a high-speed shoot-out in Triad Highway; armed with a high-capacity machine gun, fight a tide of Triads… after your head. Death by 1,000 Cuts puts you in a brutal fight club taking on the Triads with a razor-sharp golden cleaver. Wear the Triad Enforcer outfit for added Face and more punishing damage.

 Police Protection Pack

Unlock the exclusive High Speed police mission featuring the SWAT outfit, SWAT Police Cruiser car and SWAT Assault Rifle.



Martial Arts Pack
Unlock the Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased melee damage), the Shaolin Showdown mission and Wing Chun dummy decoration for your safe house.


GSP Pack

Dress like Mixed Martial Arts champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre with this collection of shorts, t-shirts and bandana, and devastate your enemies with GSP’s signature flying punch. Also adds increased grappling and throwing damage.




Deep Undercover Pack
Unlock the Plain Clothes Detective outfit (with a reduced heat penalty), the Undercover Police Ghost Car and a CB Radio for your safe house.


You can download the Dragon Master Pack and get all of the content seen here for an insanely low price of 640 MSP or $7.99. Players will also have the choice to download individual packs at a reduced price as well. All of this content is available now for download on Steam, Xbox Live and the PS Store.

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