“Xbox Horizon” Has Trolled Us All

Written by Austin Griffith

If you’ve been on twitter at all during the Super Bowl, then surely you’ve seen the hashtag “#XboxHorizon” being used. It seems to be a tweet from Polygon’s Justin McElroy who started it all.

After this, hell broke loose.




Everyone and their brother thought it was real.
Hell, I even got sucked in.


Although if the rumors were real, it’d be quite an amazing device.


Free food, HD-DVD’s back from the dead.


Three analog sticks!?


and even L.A. Noire quality eye tracking?

It looks like McElroy even got his hands on the during-game announcement plans;




Here’s absolutely everything we know about the “Xbox Horizon”

Release Date:

  •  The Xbox Horizon releases 11-12-13, that’s November 11th, 2013.
  • It will retail for $299.99


  • The Xbox Horizon features many groundbreaking new features, including:
  • – A 1TB Wireless Harddrive
  • – The return of both HD-DVD’s and Cartridges
  • –  The removal of backwards compatability
  • – “SuperKinect” with advanced eye tracking similar to L.A. Noire’s mocapping.

The Xbox Horizon also already has a launch lineup of games including…

  • Diablo 3

The #XboxHorizon ad was way over the top, but I’m pretty sure I saw a Diablo 3 screengrab in the closing montage. — The Daily Blink (@dailyblink) February 4, 201

A remake of the popular game Bubsy

Pretty weird that they announced a Bubsy remake as an #XboxHorizon launch title… — Matt Kump? (@kump) February 4, 2013

A survival horror game about a jacked up muscle-man dubbed “Fleshlight” – is this a slenderman rip off?

The new Xbox comes bundled with the new survival horror game “Fleshlight.” Looks good! #xboxhorizon

— Tara (@Stickywiggit) February 4, 2013

But alas, it turns out to be one giant hoax, sprung from the mind of Justin McElroy.

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