Minecraft Takes the Cake on XBLA’s 2012 Earnings Report

Written by Austin Griffith

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade has doubled it’s yearly revenues from 2011 to 2012, according to analyst firm “FADE” (Forcasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment).

The numbers from 2012 have grown tremendously due to 47 Studios and Mojang’s Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, as well as an extremely successful Summer of Arcade promotion. The amount of great mutliplayer downloadable titles certainly didn’t hurt, either.

Below is the list of the top ten games of 2012, with Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Trials Evolution topping the list. It’s also worth noting that Castle Crashers is one of the oldest games on Xbox Live Arcade, yet it continues to top charts.

  1. Minecraft (4J Studios) — 4,997,000 Units / $97.4 million
  2. Trials Evolution (RedLynx, LTD) — 1,002,000 Units / $14.3 million
  3. The Walking Dead (TellTale Games) — 2,615,000 Units / $10.2 million
  4. Counterstrike: GO (Valve) — 273,000 Units / $3.9 million
  5. Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) — 252,000 Units / $3.8 million
  6. Gotham City Impostors (Monolith Productions) — 258,000 / $3.7 million
  7. I Am Alive (Ubisoft) — 245,000 Units / $3.6 million
  8. Tony Hawk’s PS HD (Robomodo) — 226,000 Units / $3.2 million
  9. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Remedy Entertainment) — 206,000 Units / $2.9 million
  10. Trials HD (RedLynx, LTD) — 203,000 / $2.8 million

Which of these games do you own? I for one own all of them except Counterstrike: GO and I Am Alive.

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