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Ubisoft’s Steep is the Next Generation’s Wii Sports

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Written by Austin Griffith

Ubisoft just announced their latest title, Steep. Steep is a game that lets players do all manners of actives down the side of a mountain. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and more manners of adventure fun all down the mountain. What’s unique about Steep is that it’s world is entirely connected. Skiing down the Alps will let you look up and watch a group of paragliders whisk through the clouds. This is very interesting and very unique, but a lot of the game feels like a formula we haven’t seen in awhile.

At its core, this game looks very familiar to Wii Sports. A varying group of fun activities that you and your friends can play together and enjoy. The biggest leap forward with Steep is the interconnectivity we mentioned above. While Nintendo has faltered and stumbled with online capabilities in an embarrassing manner, the rest of the industry has grown and prospered. Ubisoft is taking a unique position here by giving us something that feels a lot like the formula of Wii Sports – just with other people.

If this turns out to be as big as it looks, Ubisoft could be moving the industry forward in a great way. Steep could very well be the game Ubisoft needs to dig themselves out of the pit they got themselves in to these past years with terrible releases and lackluster titles.

Hopefully my predictions here aren’t off and Ubisoft can use Steep to come back to where they used to be. Hopefully Steep’s release isn’t plagued with bugs and glitches, and for the love of god pray that the online functions like we think it will – because this could be their saving grace.

You can preorder Steep on Amazon now.

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