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Tips to Surviving Dead Island Riptide

Written by Chris Lock

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Many of you will be trouncing around the island of Palanai soon, and quite possibly being devoured by zombies. To keep this chomping to a minimum, we have made a list of some essential tips to surviving Dead Island Riptide. Not that you need to be told how to survive a zombie apocalypse or anything, we are sure you are well prepared for that already. But still, these may help you in your endeavor to become the ultimate zombie killing machine.

Chimamanda and Houston give you a huge XP boost, and some cash, for bringing them cans and pain pills, receptively. Since cans and pills respawn semi-regularly, you can easily grind for levels this way. I have marked some of the regular locations for these items to appear on the map. Feel free to take and add to the pictures yourself as they are obviously missing every single can position.

dead-island-riptide-map-palanaiDead-island-riptide-map-henderson dead-island-riptide-map-pinai-ferry

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Every character has an affinity for certain types of weapons, it may be fun to have Xian smack someone with a sledgehammer, but it is ineffective. When choosing a character, make sure you are choosing someone whose skill preference matches your own.

Each NPC character that follows you throughout the story has three quests that boost their usefulness. The “quests” are literally “Bring me *number* Of *crafting item*” The first 2 levels should be quite easy to fulfill, with the 3rd requiring some more extravagant parts. My characters seemed just fine with only the 2nd upgrade

Do not stress over your skill tree. Even without doing every single side quest, I had filled every tree down to the last option on each. That being said, do take care to apply some of the 15 points you are given at the start of the game to your health and stamina.

Stock up on as many molotovs as you can. They are a great way to dispose of groups early in the game, and a useful distraction for bigger nasties later on. Use the fast travel map to return to the Paradise Survival Camp every so often to get two Molotovs, a blade, and a few scattered bottles of alcohol. You can also buy the Molotov recipe from Wayne- The man who sells thrown weapons.


There are several buildings that you can enter that have no quest attached to them. Take some time to explore these places. Not only do they offer a small hiatus from the regular game, they are also often filled with rare crafting materials. You can either make better weapons with this or give them to the NPC characters to get their 3rd level upgrade.

When fortifying your area for an incoming horde, throw a couple fences closer to the doors. There are only small breaks in between waves and you do not want to spend them replacing just one fence.

After you acquire the torch mod, it is helpful to keep one “torch” weapon in your inventory. There are some extended low light sections in the game that will kill your flashlight and having a backup beyond the flares will keep you from death’s doorstep unnecessarily.

John, the new character, has a skill that regains your health every time you get a critical hit. If you kick an enemy down, every successive hit while they are down is critical. If you find yourself low on health, this little exploit can turn things around for you.

If you bought the game new, there is a code for a “Digital Strategy Map.” This map has the location of every secret collectable in the game. It can be found at DeadIsland.com/Map

Have a great tip for survival? Know something we missed? Leave it in the comments!

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  • walciesiechuje

    Hi, Could you elaborate how you were able to extract the maps from the game’s files? Great work btw.

    • MAGIC!

      I did not extract them. I hobbled them together with way too many screenshots of the Digital Strategy Map.

      Aren’t you glad you have seen behind the magician’s cape? It’s pretty boring back there.

      And thanks.

      • walciesiechuje

        Thanks for the info. I asked because afaik some people actually did extract the maps from the rpack files from the original Dead Island game. :)

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