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The EA Sports Ignite Engine Brings Brains To The Playing Field

Written by James Pope

EA Sports Ignite RGIIIEA Sports Ignite is the new game engine being used for the top sports titles from the gaming behemoth EA Sports. When this years sports titles are released on the competing next generation consoles they will be powered by EA Sports Ignite. EA is claiming that their new engine will bring a new level of intelligence to the players who patrol the virtual playing field. The new engine will incorporate run-time physics, player intelligence, animation, locomotion and online systems to bring a cohesive and natural feel to the athletes that we have come to love.

EA Sports Ignite Kyrie

Human intelligence is something that sports games have been lacking since their inception. Players have been made to look and feel more realistic throughout the years, they’ve just never felt truly alive. The EA Sports Ignite engine will deliver four times as many calculations per second to allow players to seem as if they are truly analyzing, adjusting and reacting to in-game scenarios on the fly. True player motion is taking these smarter players and giving them the tools they need to make plays like their real-life counterparts.  EA Sports Ignite will recreate dynamic movements and real-world biomechanics to allow virtual players to accelerate, plant, pivot and cut in a realistic way that we have never seen in gaming.

EA Sports Ignite MessiThe players aren’t the only ones who are getting a complete overhaul. Stadiums and arenas are getting the EA Sports Ignite touch as well. For far too long we have seen generic crowd and sideline animations that made them feel as if they were dead or oblivious to the action taking place around them. EA is giving the intelligence that they’ve infused the athletes with to the crowds and sidelines in order to ensure that no two moments or games will have the same feel.

EA Sports Ignite will power the next-gen versions of Madden 25, FIFA 14, EA Sports UFC & NBA Live

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  • A match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Nou Camp should have an extra intensity with Ignite. Packers v Bears at Soldier might feel electric in the snow with the new Madden. Sounds really interesting!

    • Hopefully all of the promises can be lived up to. I know you and I have commented for years on how lifeless crowds seem to be at times. This should make our yearly FIFA battles all the more intense.

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