Mars: War Logs Guilds Unveiled

Written by James Pope

As we saw in our initial preview of Mars: War Logsthe guilds who control the planets water supply have all the power. Now it’s time to take an in-depth look at the two most important, powerful and influential guilds the red planet has to offer. The Mars: War Logs guilds are going to play a large role not only in the surrounding world, but in our story as well. Our main character Roy is originally from one of the guilds and is imprisoned by the other, thus setting the scene for this epic sci-fi RPG.


Mars war logs guilds aurora 2

Aurora is the newest of the large water companies on Mars. They got their start as a small group of researchers and pioneers who were looking for an alternative to the war mongering ways of the guilds before them. Aurora set out to explore and find new untapped sources of the precious resource before their ambitious goals were halted by the unforgiving climate. Having their alternative dream shut down, Aurora thrust themselves into conflict with the other guilds, yet they vowed to never forget where they came from. On the surface they seem to be the “good guy” in a world of hatred, dictatorship and war, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Aurora uses mysticism and faith from their roots in the pre-turmoil era. Their members are born into their guild and given a “virtue name” which is meant to guide their entire existence. Their ritualistic means have been so effective that they have infiltrated the upper echelon of the Technomachers. With this powerful entity behind them it is no surprise that this guild has made such a quick and powerful rise among the red planets water companies.


mars war logs guilds abundance 2

Abundance is the oldest and most powerful of the Mars: War Logs Guilds. They were established in the time following the catastrophe that sent the red planet off of its orbit and changed the world’s climate forever. Their goal was to manage the planets water supply and distribute it to the many industrial and human complexes. With such vast control of the most precious resource the planet has to offer it was only a matter of time before Abundance began to realize the true extent of the power that they wielded. In time this guild began to operate as a dictatorship that had no problem reminding the people of Mars just how badly their services were needed. Water became of a tool of blackmail and those who did not wish to bend to the will of this massive entity would become imprisoned and tortured until they understood just how powerful their captors were.

With a history of violence and their vast power in sheer numbers Abundance is certainly a force to be reckoned with. It is in their Prison Camp 19 that we meet our main character Roy. It is also within this very camp that our story will begin.

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