Mars: War Logs – RPG Action On The Red Planet

Written by James Pope

Mars: War Logs puts players into a tough situation on the red planet of Mars. We will be thrust into a power struggle of epic proportions and tasked with bringing peace to a world built on war. Numerous corporations are fighting for control of the planets water supply. The occupants of Earth made their way to Mars in search of a new home, they built up areas of agriculture, mining and breeding grounds in an effort to sustain a new “Earth”. A catastrophe in the solar system brought these plans to a screeching halt as Mars was thrown off of its normal orbit and moved slightly closer to the Sun. The effects were grave and those left without shelter were annihilated by the newly created deadly atmosphere. Contact and supply lines with Earth were shattered and the colonists were then thrown into a nightmare situation where the only means of survival were their own natural instincts and some recycled resources. The Little technology that was left was hoarded and harnessed by those in the role of Priests and guardians of the knowledge, they are known as the Technomancers.

The one resource that causes the most turmoil is without a doubt water. Water sustains life for both the colonists and their agriculture. The guilds of Mars are all currently at war to decide who will control the planet water and thus gain control of the red planet itself. These very wars are the backdrop of our story. We fill the shoes of Roy, a prisoner of war from the recent battle won by his guild, Aurora. Aurora was able to defeat one of the planets oldest guilds, Abundance. This victory however, came at a very hefty price. Roy and many of his comrades are now being held as prisoners. The arrival of a new young prisoner, Innocence gives Roy the opportunity he has been craving to escape.

This Sci-Fi RPG will test players skills with its dynamic combat system and unique and complex crafting system. Players will have three different skill trees from which they can build upon. The skills will support their melee, ranged or technomancer abilities. Combat is not the only segment of this title, NPC interaction will also shape the world around us. Roy will meet many people along the way, each of these people will be able to help or hinder his progress depending on the Roy’s willingness to provide them the assistance they need and their feelings about his actions. With so many aspects in play Mars: War Logs is going to provide hours of exhilarating gameplay and exploration for the RPG lover in all of us. Soon we will break down the guilds and go deeper into the combat systems in Mars: War Logs. For now, feast your eyes on the glorious PC launch trailer and screenshots that were just recently released.

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