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So, You Got A New Xbox 360? [Updated]

Written by Austin Griffith

If so, welcome! We’re happy to have you here.

But maybe Lego Star Wars isn’t your cup of tea and you can’t conjure up the funds to get your healthy dose of shoot shoot ‘splode ‘splode.

Don’t worry, we got you.

Here’s a list of all the free games available on the Xbox Live Arcade, for everyone! These games are sure to eat up plenty of hours while you save up for greats such as Halo: Reach or Gears of War 3.


Aegis Wing: This fun side-scrolling space ship shoot ’em up is great for you and up to three friends to mess around in. Have fun shooting up alien things and causing havoc while saving the world!

Doritos Crash Course: Doritos have long been known as the one and only chip for gamers, so these guys must know how to make a game, right? Right. This fun downloadable game mimics the popular ABC show Wipeout for a fun, hectic experience.


Harm’s Way: This is one of the more unusual suspects in the Xbox Live Arcade, doubling as both a first person shooter and a racing game. One play takes control of turrets overlooking a race track while the other player has to put the pedal to the metal.


Hexic HD: One of my personal favorite Xbox Live Arcade games, originally shipped with all Xbox’s purchased, this puzzle game makes you rotate games to create matches in a Bejewelled-esque game.


Happy Wars: This fun, free to play multiplayer beat-em-up game puts you into a fun world where you’re only objectives are to obliterate the opponent and storm the enemy castle. It’s totally free and is always full of fun.


So go, frolic in all the free-game glory we have bestowed upon you! Go forth and be happy!


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