Salem: The Crafting MMO, Begins Open Beta

Salem The Crafting MMO
Written by Barry Villatoro

Welcome to Colonial America, start building crap. There you go, that’s the jist of Salem and it looks like fun. Salem welcomes you into an unforgiving world. Where you have to level your skills up through, building, sowing, reaping and scavenging. Create a community and set your own laws. Be careful of would be murderers and thieves, because Salem has permadeath.

“The in-game society that has sprung up during closed beta – including a bustling barter-based economy, vigilantes and mob justice, and rival settlements, have all happened as a result of players’ choices and actions.”

Sound interesting enough? Well Salem has started an open beta that you can join by going to the official website and downloading the game. There will also be a live stream of Salem today by the devs on Paradox Interactive’s Twitch.tv channel.

So from the video below, apparently you wake up butt-naked, interesting.

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  • I was pretty bent on trying this when I woke up this morning but I watched the livestream and it seemed like all they did was talk about what wasn’t in the game and what you couldn’t do. I think I will give it time before I check it out.

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