Bound By Flame, a New RPG Coming this Year to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Bound By Flame
Written by Barry Villatoro

Bound By Flame is a dark fantasy RPG coming this year to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive. It has the moral compass leveling mechanic. You’re possessed by a flame demon and have to choose between accepting the demons control and gaining dark powers or reject it and become more heroic.

Bound by Flame sounds very Fable-y, because the direction you choose, light or dark, will be reflected in your characters image. Choosing the side of evil will have cause the transformation of the hero’s body. The customization choices of your character’s appearance will also affect the how the light and darkness are reflected in you. Quests will also change depending on how good or evil you are. Some quests may be locked out or they will play out differently greatly affecting the outcome. Your morality will also affect the characters you meet throughout your game. Befriend or alienate others depending on if you’re a douche or not.

Bound By Flame is third-person with real-time combat giving you melee, fire magic and assassination skills at first. As you progress you’ll be able to customize your combat gameplay as you level up through three different skill trees.

The screenshot above shows the main character facing off against some sort of swamp creature. That’s all we have seen of it for now. We’ll be able to show you more later this year.

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