Saints Row 4 Teaser Trailer and Release Date

Written by Chris Lock

Many were worried when THQ went bankrupt that Saints Row may never again see the light of day. A sigh of relief was breathed when Koch Media, better known as Deep Silver, purchased both Volition and the Saints Row franchise. Soon after, that sigh turned into a huzzah, at least for me it did, when the release date trailer was… released.

The story goes that you, The Boss, have been elected president of the U.S. when aliens attack. The aliens put you inside a virtual world where you have superpowers, ala The Matrix. You then have to do what are probably ridiculous and amazing missions to escape. I could tell you more, but the trailer really explains it much better.

The game is set for release on August 23 and is going to be at PAX East, for those lucky enough to go.

“Wait, the trailer did not explain anything” You say. “Or, did it say everything” I retort with an ominous tone.

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