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Hands on Preview: Schein – A new Look at the 2D Platformer?

Written by Taryn Beach

Schein is a 2D platformer in development for the PC  by indie studio Zeppelin Studios. They started out as a group of students working on projects at their university where they began working together to develop a video game. The premise of Schein is that you’re a guy lost in a swamp and you’re trying to find a way out. Over the course of the journey puzzles, and pitfalls await to slow you down and trip you up.

The core gameplay of Schein is what makes it unique and interesting. The main character has a light that can be turned on and off and it can dramatically affect what is on the screen and how the player traverses the levels. Platforms that may not be visible in ‘the dark’ are only visible when the light is on. On the flip-side, there may be walls or other obstacles visible in light but not in the dark and thus the light has to be strategically turned on and off in order to make progress through the game. It is an interesting concept but will require tight game controls and mechanics in order for it to be fun. We’re interested to see how this game turns out as the Schein team continue working on their pet project.
For a better understanding of the gameplay in Schein, check out the gameplay video:

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