Duke Nukem 2 coming to iOS

Written by Chris Lock

Before Duke Nukem blasted into the future with Duke Nukem 3D, he was in several side scrolling games, Duke Nukem 1 and Duke Nukem 2. While DN1 was a perfectly fine game, DN2 is where Duke started being Duke. Aliens, rocket ships, explosive guns, yeah, Duke Nukem through and through.

And now, thanks to 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment, you can play Duke Nukem 2 on iOS. According to Interceptor’s website the iOS post will include-

Key Features

– Smooth Side Scrolling Action

– Insane VGA Graphics

– 256 Eye Popping Colors

– Kick Ass Weapons

– Amazing Interactive Environments

– 32 Action Packed Levels

– Full Touch Screen Support

– Brutal New Artwork and Music

– Save/Load, Replay and Track Your Score with Leaderboards

Now that sounds like a game! When I was younger I played through DN2 multiple time and can tell you from experience that, if the controls are done right, this is going to be a game you want on your Apple device. Check out this trailer if you need more convincing.

The game is due for release April 2nd.


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