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Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts – Not That Spooky

Written by Teresa Ryder

No need for paranormal investigators, the new Call of Duty: Ghosts has been released.

From the creative minds of Neversoft, Activision, Infinity Ward and Raven; Call of Duty: Ghosts is like fans have never seen. They have upgraded their game play and revamped the scenery to be more realistic and accurate.

Call of Duty GhostsOne example of this is the simple changes of the world around you. In this new game the maps that you have seen before have been almost restored and brought back to life. They even put gamers in space! Everything in the game from the landscapes to the characters is more real than ever. You can look out into the world around you and feel as if you may be looking at a postcard.

The maps are what you make it. This time around even in multiplayer you can further hinder your enemy by creating roadblocks and buildings to fall over. It’s much more exciting than just a car exploding in front of you. All the scenery has also been redesigned to look more realistic and shiny. Shadows and movement of the world around you now make you feel like you are in the game and not just holding a vibrating controller in your hands.


The way the characters are designed has also been a big improvement. You can now view bruises and cuts on your hands and arms. You can also see more distinct features of the characters come to life before your eyes. Though it is still a video game and is animated as such, someone just watching you play the game might think they were watching a movie alongside you. Even the dog’s in the game have been reanimated to the exact specifications of a Seal team service dog. Granted the technology has evolved since the last couple games but these changes are a continuing testament to what technology can do and if done correctly, the kind of world creators can give to their gamers.

The story line is quick to get through, and missions are pretty cut and dry. For a new comer to the games this is a perfect introduction. If you ever get lost of stuck along the way, there is always someone or something to guide you through. No player manual necessary for these maps.

COD_Ghosts_Chasm_AmbushWant to enhance your parties game play? “Squads,” are introduced which allow you and up to five friends to play against other squads or the computer. ’Wargame’ is the perfect squad playing lobby for all you No0bs out there.

Think that’s it in changes? NOPE! Forget the boring old “create a class.” Now you can customize you arsenal as well as your solider. Create their fatigues how they look, and make them, well, like you. And the ladies weren’t forgotten about this time either.

My review of this game is a 9 out of 10. The graphic enhancement and the smoother game play has allowed for a lot more capabilities but the story line in campaign mode is just like every other (besides the fact you play for a total of 10 minuets in space.)

[easyreview title=”Call of Duty: Ghosts 9/10” cat1title=”Graphics 9/10” cat1detail=”Revamped scenery to be more realistic and accurate.” cat1rating=”9/10″ cat2title=”Gameplay 9/10” cat2detail=”SENTENCE OR TWO ABOUT SECOND CATEGORY” cat2rating=”?/10” cat3title=”THIRD CATEGORY AND ?/10” cat3detail=”SENTENCE OR TWO ABOUT THIRD CATEGORY” cat3rating=”?/10” summary=”ignore“]

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