Preview: Digimon World: Re Digitize

Written by Chris Lock

Back around the turn of the century a great battle raged. Pokemon VS. Digimon. While it is pretty clear that Pokemon won this war Digimon still marches on as a pretty close second. When I was a wee lad I played both and even though my preference is Pokemon, Digimon still has a special place in my heart. It is because of that special place that I became extremely excited when I heard about Digimon World: Re Digitize.

ReDigitize goes back to the roots of the original Digimon World game released on the Playstation 1. Your Digi-pal starts off as a baby and through battles, training, poop, and food they evolve into any number of more powerful friends. Then eventually, age takes it’s toll and your Digimon dies only to be reborn as a new baby Digimon. The original game had no overarching story that I remember but rather focused on little stories of Digimon you met in your travels. It was almost like a Digimon Mass Effect in that way.

A lot has happened in the Digimon universe since that game, including about One Bazillion new Digimon. ReDigitize looks like it will feature many of the new additions and some new gameplay features. One neat addition is the ability to “save” your Digimon in a sort of Digi-library to possibly call upon them later or the help your new friends evolve. Story also seems to be a big part of the new game but to what extent we do not know yet.

Not much is known about pretty much everything, even if there will be a US release. So far the release date for japan in a very non specific 2012. We also know that it is being made exclusively for the PSP. We will keep our eyes and ears open though and give you more information as we receive it.

Oh and here are some teaser trailers and screenshots- enjoy.


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  • As a lover of old-school games and a Digimon virgin, I want to know. How do you think Digimon on the PS1 would hold up today?

    • Badly. It received 5-7 scores when it was first released. However, I think it is going to be one of the games in the “Bad Game” series I am working on where I tell you why it is the best game ever.

    • Spoodle

      The ps1 title was buggy, horribly translated, and the graphics weren’t super amazing, but I still playing this game every so often and love it just as much now as I did when I first bought it at 7 years old.

    • I still play it every once in a while, trying to figure out how to get an emulator to work on my tablet so I can try giving it another go.

  • IamWeapon

    Hold the phone! PSP?! Is it 2005?!

  • IamWeapon

    War Greymon > Any stupid Pokemon.

  • In the war between Pokemon and Digimon, Digimon was always my favorite. I loved the TV series (I still do) and they all looked so cool compared to Pokemon.

    Even though I don’t have a PSP or Vita I hope that this game gets a NA release. It seems as though we have forgotten about Digimon over here in the West, something that should be remedied.

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