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Podcast – This Game is Broken Episode 17

Written by Chris Lock


In this strange episode Barry and Chris are joined By James Redmond and we talk about games. OK, so it’s maybe not that strange. You may notice a bit of weird editing at the end. Congratulations, you can spot edit marks and missing bits of conversation. Those bits are missing because Chris broke an embargo. He is very sorry and will try to do better next time.

Anywho! This episode is chock full of games including Don’t Starve Reign of Giants, Mech Warrior Online, Goat Simulator, Broforce, Titanfall, and Final Fantasy 10. It’s almost like a traditional episode of This Game is Broken where we don’t fall off the rails immediately.

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This Game is Broken 17

Intro music is 8-bit Introduction by EliteFerrex

Closing song is Hyrule Temple by JonnyAtma


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Chris Lock

Just a guy that loves games and wants so badly to tell you about them. I have a habit of being a terrible person. Prone to talk about the worst games imaginable. Poke-fan. LBP admirer. RPG lover. Writer. Podcaster. Father. Husband. Student. Tired. @Snickelsox on twitter.

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