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Written by Austin Griffith

Hitman is known notoriously for unforgiving stealth combat that punishes the most brazen of players until they either learn how to be properly quiet in their approach or just say “eff it” and go guns blazing. How, then, would you ever expect a game with a formula like this to translate to mobile?

Square Enix Montreal has taken this question to heart, and decided to offer us a stern answer: welcome Hitman GO. GO is not your usual Hitman game. Players control Agent 47’s trinket as he moves around a board trying to avoid, kill, or escape various types of enemies and reach an end point. What seems simple at first proves to be extremely entrancing and delicately simple. Each level is laid out as a sinister puzzle, giving you various objectives. Every level tells you to reach an end point, with other levels offering bonus objectives like “no kills,” “kill them all,” and “get the briefcase.”

These objectives are fun and interesting additions that make this game extremely replayable.

After playing this past weekend at PAX East 2014, I was feigning for it. Bad. I downloaded it the minute it was available (literally) and have since sunk about 7 hours into it. As someone who’s majority of mobile gaming ends up being Clash of Clans and The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Hitman GO is refreshingly new and incredibly fun. Even with a steeper then usual price of $4.99, Hitman GO is one of, if not the, best game available on the App Store right now. Players can expect harsh challenges, great replay ability, and an amazing sound track. This game is all around beautiful and 100% amazing.

MUST PLAYHitman GO is one of the most creatively fun and inventively interesting titles ever made available on iOS, and you’d be considered daft not to download it immediately.

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