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Podcast: This game is Broken – Episode 21

Written by Chris Lock

Howdy howdy howdy.

In this episode Barry is off enjoying beautiful places on the earth and so Chris, Matt, and James take that time to talk about Monopoly a lot. Topics in this episode include Monopoly, Dark Souls 2, Magic the Gathering, Project Beast, Guacamelee, Our hate for Guacamole, Wholfenshteeyain, Borderlands 2, How awesome the Vita is, Beards, Taco Bell, Nautical Space Hamsters, and lots more!

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This Game is Broken 21

Intro music is 8-bit Introduction by EliteFerrex

Final song is Looking Glass Knight (8-bit) by HellKiteDrake

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Chris Lock

Just a guy that loves games and wants so badly to tell you about them. I have a habit of being a terrible person. Prone to talk about the worst games imaginable. Poke-fan. LBP admirer. RPG lover. Writer. Podcaster. Father. Husband. Student. Tired. @Snickelsox on twitter.

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