Updated – The PlayStation 4’s Dualshock 4 Will (Reportedly) Work on Computers

Written by Austin Griffith

According to Redditor dzle, the developers of Galak-Z confirmed last weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle that all PlayStation 4 controllers will work on computers simply by plugging them in via the micro-usb connector without any finagling. It is also reported that the touchpad will also be able to be mapped like the touchpad on your everyday laptop. If this all comes to be true, the PlayStation 4 may just become the next generation controller you have to have for PC gaming.

According to the Redditor, “Galak-Z currently is not stable on the PS4. Thus they had PCs with DS4s [Dualshock 4’s] on the show floor running the game. I asked if this implied the PS4 controller works on PC, which he said ‘yes it works as a regular USB controller’.” Also implying that the PlayStation 4’s Dualshock 4 will work as a simple plug-and-play controller, possibly even with bluetooth (if we’re lucky.)

As it stands, most gamers prefer the Xbox 360 controller for the most comfortable computer gaming – we’ll have to see how that opinion fares come November 22nd when both competitors consoles go head to head.

We’ve reached out to Galak-Z and Sony to confirm this and will update should we hear back.

Update: Galak-Z’s Team has gotten back to us. Stating: “We have no official comment on this rumor. Nor do we have any comment on the conversation nor context of any related conversation.”

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  • “Most gamers”? Do you have surveys to back this up? Any evidence at all beyond anecdotal? I’ve only ever heard this backed up with anecdotal evidence, and never anything concrete. Personally, my ordering of controller preference goes Logitech > Playstation > Gamecube > Dreamcast > Xbox

  • I got a little confused by this sentence: It is also reported that the touchpad will also be able to be mapped like the touchpad on your everyday laptop. Does that mean you can map items and weapons using the touchpad and stuff or what does it mean?

      • That’s a matter of opinion and general consensus coming out of Gamescom and PAX is that the new Dualshock 4 is even better than what Microsoft has to offer. The most important thing however is that, should this be true, you now have more choice what to use and if you prefer the DS4, you will be able to use it on your PC. And with games coming up that make use of the swipe pad…it may just give the DS4 the edge over the competition for PC-controller gaming.

  • I’m not sure most gamers prefer the 360 controller – there are a bunch of gamepads for PC available. The 360 controller is easily preferred to the Dualshock 3, though, because of no DS3 driver support unless you to some finickity stuff with motioninjoy. DS4 on PC sounds brilliant (as I’m not wholly sold on my Logitech pad, and I’m not a fan of the oddly offset sticks on the 360/XB1 pad).

    • I use a logitech pad myself on PC, and previously used them almost exclusively on PS2. The buttons, analog sticks, and d-pad are the best out of any controller I’ve used (Aside from maybe the Vita’s d-pad and face buttons.) My only complaint with the one I have now is that it has those irritating analog triggers that have too much resistance.

      If they make the DS4 sticks as good as the Logitech, and they move what they learned on the Vita d-pad and buttons over, then the DS4 might be a contender for best controller for me.

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