Xbox Live Rewards, Making a Little More Sense

Written by Barry Villatoro

Finally, Microsoft has gotten rid of their ridiculous space bucks system known as Microsoft Points. Thankfully you no longer need to be a mathematician to figure out how much money you actually have left to spend on your account. Last week,  Microsoft rid us of this headache. And now they’re trying to make their Xbox Live Rewards program make sense as well.

Microsoft is now giving you credits, that yes, equal money. But nonetheless, 1000 credits equals $1. You’ll now earn credits from everything to making purchases on Xbox Live, watching movies on Xbox Video, referring friends and even trying new games. Microsoft has even decided to make your Gamerscore worth something as players with 75,000 Gamerscore or more will get a 3% rebate on Xbox Stores.

I know the rebate is kinda minuscule, but at least its a step in the right direction. We can always hope for larger discounts and more credit incentives in the future. For more information, check out Xbox.com

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