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P.S. I love you – How Sony Won Me Over With the PlayStation 4

Written by Austin Griffith

I’ve always been a diehard Microsoft fan; ever since the day I got my Xbox. I’d never even considered the thought of getting a PlayStation 3 up until Journey came out and our own Chris Lock loved it, but even then, I was still a huge Microsoft fan boy. I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that the PlayStation 4 would suck and I’d never buy one. Nope. Not me. Not in a million years.

That’s why it’s so hard for me to come out and say this.

I really want a PlayStation 4. Now just hold on, let me explain.

Wednesday night I had no hype for the PlayStation 4 event. I’d had a long day, I took a forty minute nap then woke up at exactly six just in time to see the beginning of the event. I was grumpy and very cranky. The live stream wasn’t even working correctly. I didn’t even know the PlayStation 4 was official until I checked Twitter. Finally I found a good stream and began my coverage.

The specs are nice. At about 16-times more powerful than the Xbox, I’d started to sway, but that wasn’t any big deal. Sure, the graphics will look nice and the games will be powerful, but is that really that big of a deal? When they mentioned how the controller had a touchscreen I thought it was a nice feature.


The first feature that really grabbed my attention was all the social features. Every single game can be recorded and posted online? That’s amazing. That completely takes my needs for a capture card out of the reviews. I’m also a very social person, so allowing me to always be connected at all my social networks is another plus for me. Throw out that horrible design in the PS3’s dashboard and it can only sweeten the deal. The automatic downloading of updates and allowing you to play things is also a nice touch.

Then Sony really hit me where it mattered.

Live Help with friends. This is amazing. Being in a long distance relationship like I am, gaming together is a very important thing for my girlfriend and I. Games are hard sometimes, and being able to jump in and use her controller for her from anywhere in the world is an amazing idea. “Alright, this might be worth getting… maybe.” I muttered to myself. I wasn’t ready to announce I would ever play a Sony console.

Moving on, moving on, oh self-publishing? Cool, I guess… Infamous: Second Son? Ok… Killzone and Driveclub look nice… but, not my thing… Being able to put the console to sleep is pretty nice as well.

Jonathan Blow Sony

Wait, Jon Blow? No, Sony, stop. When Sony brought out Braid creator Jonathon Blow I had a lot of hope. His new game “The Witness” looks amazing. Open world puzzle adventuring? That sounds perfect for me. The art style looks very similar to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, my all time favorite Zelda, just for that reason. That’s nice, it looks pretty and fun, but he only said “The Launch Window” that doesn’t mean it’ll never come to Xbox, no need to worry.quanticdream-30000-polygons

The Old Mans Head tech demo was nice too. Nothing major, very pretty looking, but when do we ever have games that need real eye emotion? L.A. Noire had it and it was hard to get any of the emotions correctly. Maybe I’m just a bad detective.

Still, I relented waving the PlayStation flag. My fanboy tendencies is the last defense I have against admitting Chris was right… I can’t do that. Capcom and Square Enix had some nice games, but Final Fantasy was never my thing, and Deep Down just looks like “Dragons Dogma Two,” which wasn’t really my cup of tea from what I’ve seen from it. Just a Skyrim clone that wasn’t as good.

Then they showed Watch_Dogs. This game has been one of my most anticipated of the year, even if they did release my email along with five hundred others when “DeMarco Died” early in 2012. This game looks sick. Completely multiplayer throughout the game, open world vigilantism, this guy is like a more public Batman who wears a nice overcoat. This game looks completely sick. It’s coming to PlayStation 4 first? Oh man. This is where I lowered the Xbox flag. “Maybe… Maybe I will buy a PlayStation 4…”


Next Activision took the stage. Diablo 3 on PlayStation 4 sounds cool, but nothing too major. Something I’d play with my girlfriend, but not a console seller for me. Then he teased something. I don’t quite remember what he said, but he hinted at a great developer.

“It’s Bungie,” I screamed in my girlfriend’s ear as we watched. They came on stage and announced that, not only will Destiny be on the PlayStation 4 first; it’ll have exclusive content. I had what could be referred to as a “Fanboy Seizure” where I jumped around and shook my hands in excitement.

I immediately went and signed up for GameStop’s preorder waiting list at that point. This is something I want to, no, need to own.

I’m sorry Microsoft. I can’t stay exclusive to you anymore. I’m not saying I won’t buy your next Xbox, but, well, they’ve got Bungie, and that means they’ve got me.

PlayStation, I love you.

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About the author

Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith is LevelSave.com's Owner and Editor-in-Chief. He began gaming young with Pokemon Silver and Banjo-Tooie and hasn't stopped since. You can find him on Twitter @AustinG909 and on Xbox Live at iKarmakazi. You can email him directly at Austin@LevelSave.com

  • thewolfkin

    the long and the short of it is that it’ sjust WAY too early to say anything about the last two systems. PS4 is N times better than the Xbox 360… well the Xbox 3 will likely be N times better than the 360 also. :shrug: I won’t buy into Microsoft’s ecosystem so my decisions are already made. WiiU then PS4 eventually but for all you rich guys out there why not wait until you hear what MS has to say.

    This from someone who has been pretty much anti-MS since the Xbox generation ended.

  • awaiken

    Refreshing to read a response that is not cynical and full of hate. Hard for the gamer in me not to be excited by PS4. Every tech geek should be excited by this.

    It’s amazing how people are hating on the PS4 even though Sony literally addressed every complaint about the PS3.

  • The worst part about the PS3 so far is the only thing it seems they lifted from Microsoft – that horrible tile-based UI (formerly known as Metro, also called Live Tiles.) If you think the PS4 is tempting now… are you aware of how awesome PS+ is compared to Gold? With PS+ you get like 2 different games per week (1 PS3, 1 Vita) added to your PS+ account which you can play for as long as you’re a subscriber of PS+! If you stop subscribing, you lose access, but whenever you resubscribe the games are there waiting for you…

  • Benjamin Gronfors

    Being a Microsoft fan boy as well, I to feel like at this point I might switch over to PS4 next gen based off of their reveal, but before I (or you) should make a concrete decision, we should wait until Microsoft shows off their new console as well.

    Your points regarding the PS4 being 16x more powerful than the current Xbox doesn’t really matter until we get the new Xbox’ specs, which will be somewhere around the PS4’s.;

    Small difference, but the PS4 controller has a touch pad, not a touch screen (nothing can/will be shown on it)

    And Destiny, which I am incredibly excited for, has already been announced for the Xbox 360 and they didn’t announce the PS4 version until the PS4 itself was announced so it should be safe to assume that it will be launching on the “Xbox 720” as well and will be announced when the next console is revealed by Microsoft.
    For exclusive content on Destiny? It wouldn’t be game changing and there’s a chance there will be Xbox exclusive content as well – no actual idea there though.

    Basically, let’s wait a bit longer and allow for Microsoft to make their move before jumping ship.

  • kain

    bungie fanboy heheheheheh go play killzone better games than any of bungies cr*p well except halo 1,Really??? you liked destiny they havent shown anything but a screensaver.Also i want to remind you that both activision and bungie love money more than making games expect another aliens colonial marines fiasco. Thats my 2 cents c ya

  • GG

    ARe you gay? boy you love a non-human body that only takes your money for virtual joy?? you’re still looking so young, go find another hobby when you get older..hahaha….don’t you like readers to follow your steps too?? NOOO THANKS! keep it to yourself..ermm…make your phantom plastic toys proud!

    Got HALLUCINATED by a flipping company, now that’s a true tool. lmao

    • Noted. Thanks!

    • Aw man, you are such a cool guy!

      I love how you made the connection that age and system loyalty directly informs sexual orientation!

      Keep fighting the good fight brother!

      • IamWeapon

        It’s called a deductive argument, Chris. And his is airtight.

    • He’s straight if you really wanted to know

      • kain

        hey baby (benders voice) so you are either his girlfriend or his sister right (please be his cousin!!!!).. i joke

        • Take your pick

          • kain

            i pick gf hehehe

          • Bingo

          • kain

            so does he know that you flirt with other guys online while he is away? hehehehehehe and in his own websitie?

          • Don’t flatter yourself

          • kain

            oh you crushed my heart !!! ;-( well good thing that i dont have one ;-p i was only kidding dont worry

          • IamWeapon


    • IamWeapon

      Austin’s getting HALLUCINATED by a gay phantom toy that flips companies? MuthaWTF?


    • Yes, master.

    • IamWeapon


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