OnLive to stream playable PC games to iOS and Android

Written by Quaisha T

Wanted to play your OnLive games on your iOS device, Android and/or Tablet? Well here you go…

OnLive, a cloud gaming service, is clearing the way of making PC games playable on smartphones and tablets. With a new app on the way in less than 24 hours, some games featured will have tailor-made controls to support the devices from companies such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC while other devices having a simple virtual pad added to the screen.

CEO Steve Perlman admitted to GamesIndustry.Biz that a new controller will be on sale for $49.99 USD to work with mobile devices as well as new TV interfaces and Blu-Ray Players. The demand from developers is already posing a problem as the UK will be unable to get new controllers until a later date after the US has their orders fulfilled.

Rockstar Games and other development studios have enlisted 25 games for launch including L.A. Noire. These games will have reconfigured controls which adds to the many options OnLive can provide developers. Currently, OnLive offers PC or Mac, TV, smartphone and tablet gaming.

The application is free and comes with a free copy of LEGO Batman. To handle HD-resolution and latency issues, OnLive has signed with AT&T and Verizon’s 4G LTE services in the US to provide full HD-resolution and low latency gaming.

OnLive’s previously released iOS app only allowed users to become spectators of other players games via the MicroConsole.

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