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NYCC 2013: Interview with Troy Baker: The Joker of Batman: Arkham Origins

Written by Austin Griffith

WB Games granted us the amazing opportunity last Saturday at New York Comic Con, the chance to sit down with Troy Baker, the amazing voice actor taking over the roll of The Joker from Mark Hamill in Batman: Arkham Origins. You may have also heard Troy in every big-name game this year. He was also Booker in Bioshock: Infinite and Joel in The Last of Us.

Troy talks with us about what went through his mind when when he found out he was getting the role of the Joker.

“I don’t have to dress it up in any way – it’s already good” Troy tells us in regard to how he’s going to leave his mark on The Joker as a character. He related to us a story about his wife had starved herself for months preparing for her wedding. She, one day, decided she wanted to cheat – she wanted a bowl of pasta. Just as she’s about to eat that pasta, her friend tells her that the sauce would taste much better if she put cinnamon in it… it wasn’t Troy “doesn’t want to be the cinnamon in the sauce” when it comes to playing the Joker.

The video doesn’t tell you us much about Arkham Origins, but more about what went in to playing the Joker, and how he determined what the Joker was to be in Arkham Origins “a firehouse” Troy tells us. The young Joker is a “firehouse of energy” while the more mature Joker we’re used to is a centralized powerful beam of crazy energy.

The entirety of the interview is too powerful and informative to put into words, watch the entire twelve minute interview below.

Batman: Arkham Origins releases Friday, November 25th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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