New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow and Adam’s Predictions

Written by Adam Shear


Tomorrow, Nintendo will reveal the first bit of news about Wii U since its launch on November 18.  A brand new Nintendo Direct broadcast will air Wednesday December 5 at 9am PST on the Nintendo Direct Website.  Nintendo has said that they will unveil new information on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.  Additionally, the Wii U Facebook page has confirmed that Nintendo will be talking about Wii U launch window titles already revealed.

Below are my predictions regarding what Nintendo will announce during tomorrow’s broadcast.  They need to impress considering this is their opportunity to sway people to buy Wii U consoles and show off what the future of the system has to hold.

Most likely:

  • Nintendo will announce a release date for Lego City Undercover and share more details about the game.
  • Nintendo will share updates regarding Nintendo TVii and announce a launch date, which could possibly be the day of the broadcast.
  • More details regarding The Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, Wii Fit U, and Pikmin 3 will be shared.
  • More details on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS will be unveiled.  Release dates for Luigi’s Mansion and Fire Emblem also seem likely.

Somewhat Likely:

  • Nintendo will announce release dates for the remaining Wii U launch window titles listed above.  I do not expect all titles to receive release dates.
  • Nintendo will put up the Rayman Legends demo on the eShop during the presentation or announce that it will go up tomorrow.
  • Nintendo will announce new Nintendo 3DS games for the first half of 2013 including the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game that recently released in Japan

Not Likely:

  • Nintendo will announce new first party Wii U games.

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