Gunswords Beta Ready For World-Wide Testing

Written by James Pope

Gunswords is a turn-based strategy game that will be pitting teams consisting of 3 different classes against one another for control of the virtual battlefield that has been created by the team at One Button Studios. Players will build their teams using the ranged, mage and melee class characters and will have access to a litany of weapon and armor choices to outfit their team for domination.

Players can beta test this PvP strategy game now at Gunswords.com . The beta is currently only available on the PC however, the Mac version of the beta will be up in a week or so according to the team.

Today is a very exciting day for One Button Studio with the launch of our first free-to-play online game in beta, said Dmitry Mikhalev, CEO of One Button Studio. Our team has dedicated countless hours of hard work to the development of this game, and we hope that fans of the TBS genre enjoy playing GunSwords as much as we have enjoyed creating, designing, and testing it.

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