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My Ridiculous Quest to Watch Every Adam Sandler Movie [Updated 5/10]

Written by Austin Griffith

A few months ago I went through a pretty traumatic turn of events. I’m not going to go in to details, but let’s just say I was a very sad man. Many nights were spent laying in bed watching Netflix, and it was at this time I discovered what was missing in my life: Adam Sandler. In a world of raunchy, ridiculous comedies and bro movies, he was a shining light of comedic relief. Forever in his adolescence, Adam Sandler helped bring me back to mine. In between marathon binges of Scrubs and Parks & Recreation, Adam Sandler was always there – failing to get the girl due to his constant goofball status.

My quest is one that started, as most do, with a smaller goal in mind. I noticed that I was loving Adam Sandler movies, so I said “why not try to watch every Adam Sandler movie on Netflix?” and I did. Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, Click, The Longest Yard – and the uncomfortably raunchy Bulletproof – filled my desire for laughter… for a time. Slowly, I realized my true quest for happiness would never be fulfilled with Netflix’s offering.

So far, my list reads… (with mini-reviews)

The Cobbler – I liked it, nobody else did

Ridiculous Six – Fuck this movie

Bulletproof – Raunchy to the point of being uncomfortable

Mr. Deeds – Loved it. Made me happy.

Anger Management – Hilarious.

50 First Dates – Made my tear up, repeatedly. Amazingly feel good.

The Longest Yard – Eh, funny. I guess.

Click – First one I ever watched, loved it and teared up at it.

Reign Over Me – Didn’t enjoy it at first, but I did cry at it. It’s beautiful towards the end, once I accepted it as not being a typical Adam Sandler movie.

Billy Madison – Meh. Kind of offensive.

Big Daddy – Remembered it as being much funnier then it was. Still a good flick, though.

Happy Gilmore – Decent at best. Again, remembered it as being much better than it was.

I’ll try to continue to update this list as I watch more. It’s going to be a long quest.

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  • Here is where you discover the Sandler reincarnation truth. Sandler plays essentally the same role in each movie, not always, but most of the time. This is because Sandler dies shortly after every film and is reincarnated and must find true love yet again. He will continue on this way until the sun is extinguished. Sandler knows this and you can see subtle hints of it in every film but he must never reveal this truth lest the dark forces keeping him in this limbo descend upon him with their ceaseless wrath.

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