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My Ridiculous Quest to Watch Every Adam Sandler Movie [Updated 5/10]

Written by Austin Griffith

A few months ago I went through a pretty traumatic turn of events. I’m not going to go in to details, but let’s just say I was a very sad man. Many nights were spent laying in bed watching Netflix, and it was at this time I discovered what was missing in my life: Adam Sandler. In a world of raunchy, ridiculous comedies and bro movies, he was a shining light of comedic relief. Forever in his adolescence, Adam Sandler helped bring me back to mine. In between marathon binges of Scrubs and Parks & Recreation, Adam Sandler was always there – failing to get the girl due to his constant goofball status.

My quest is one that started, as most do, with a smaller goal in mind. I noticed that I was loving Adam Sandler movies, so I said “why not try to watch every Adam Sandler movie on Netflix?” and I did. Mr. Deeds, Anger Management, Click, The Longest Yard – and the uncomfortably raunchy Bulletproof – filled my desire for laughter… for a time. Slowly, I realized my true quest for happiness would never be fulfilled with Netflix’s offering.

So far, my list reads… (with mini-reviews)

The Cobbler – I liked it, nobody else did

Ridiculous Six – Fuck this movie

Bulletproof – Raunchy to the point of being uncomfortable

Mr. Deeds – Loved it. Made me happy.

Anger Management – Hilarious.

50 First Dates – Made my tear up, repeatedly. Amazingly feel good.

The Longest Yard – Eh, funny. I guess.

Click – First one I ever watched, loved it and teared up at it.

Reign Over Me – Didn’t enjoy it at first, but I did cry at it. It’s beautiful towards the end, once I accepted it as not being a typical Adam Sandler movie.

Billy Madison – Meh. Kind of offensive.

Big Daddy – Remembered it as being much funnier then it was. Still a good flick, though.

Happy Gilmore – Decent at best. Again, remembered it as being much better than it was.

I’ll try to continue to update this list as I watch more. It’s going to be a long quest.

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