Uniloc Suing Mojang over Patent Infringement

Written by Austin Griffith

Notch just posted some very comedic tweets;

But it looks like Notch is prepared to put up quite the fight, and, considering Minecraft has sold over 3 Million copies, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The full PDF of legal documents that Notch was sent is uploaded here, and it appears Mojang has infringed there patent of “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PREVENTING UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO ELECTRONIC DATA.” While I have no idea what that actually means, we’ll be sure to update as more information becomes available. Notch also writes:

This may also very well be patent trolls looking to make a quick buck, as they obviously don’t know who they’re addressing, being that they address it as “Mindcraft” in the screenshot below.

There website also shows very little in the form of actual work, it looks like they made a name for themselves suing Microsoft in the 90’s, here’s a quote about there business strategy found on the main page of their website:

 Look at many ideas. Pick an outstanding one. Patent it. Commercialize it. Reap the rewards.

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    This is the internet equivalent to the slip and fall in a store.

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    Their dumb. Let it go.

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